Residential Lighting Industry Leader

In 2003, Robert Borg became Creative Director of DVI Lighting. With hands on experience in handling the complexities of integrated operations between North American and overseas operations, and committed under his leadership to an aggressive program of annual design cycles keeping pace with fashion changes and consumer tastes, during the 2000's DVI underwent an exponential growth phase. The company invested heavily in marketing its product to design media through product placement in television and print, thereby exposing the public to its product directly and attempted to create brand-name recognition of the DVI brand to the homeowner directly. This led to increased retail demand for DVI product and made the line extremely important for lighting showrooms across North America to showcase the DVI line in their showrooms to satisfy public demand. Slowly, DVI expanded beyond its base of operations in Toronto and began to expand its market presence. Ignoring the big-box market and the poor quality, low-price mentality they operated under, DVI sought out relationships with premier lighting retailers, who were beginning to bounce back from the losses suffered when the big box stores attempted to destroy the industry but failed. First pushing into its historical home base in Quebec, and then expanding into the booming marketplaces in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, by the mid-2000's DVI had become one of the major players in the Canadian residential lighting market.

Robert Borg became Creative Director of DVI

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