We are thrilled to formally introduce Dominion Ventures by DVI Lighting. Using our original company name from 1969, we are reconnecting with our roots to bring you a collection of fully dimmable, high quality bulbs at the industry normal output.

All Dominion Ventures light bulbs come with our 5 years / 20,000 hour warranty and include a variety of exciting designs at a competitive price point. This means you get a product that will not let you or your customer down. Put simply, you get a brand name you both can trust.

† Calculations are based on 3 hours per day.


Every bulb, no matter who makes it, will always provide more lumens at higher colour temperatures. For example, a 5000K bulb will provide up to 8% more lumen output than a 3000K bulb, and up to 25% more lumen output than a 2200K bulb.

Colour temperature and type of bulb finish make a big difference on lumen output.